KSGV is an independent Dutch association that aims to explore the relationship between faith/religion/meaning and mental health.

To this end, KSGV endeavours to inspire a scientific investigation of and reflection on current religious issues in mental healthcare and in society. It pursues a critical discernment regarding a mentally healthy approach of religion and (personal) meaningmaking.

KSGV issues publications in its ‘Second Series on Mental Health’ (since 1972). KSGV has also established, and is funding, five Extraordinary Chairs: one in ‘Religion and Mental Health, in particular the Psychological Aspects’ (Clinical Psychology of Religion) at Tilburg University; the second one in ‘Religion and Mental Health, in particular in the area of Pastoral Care’ at Groningen State University; the third one in ‘Religion and Mental Health, in particular in the area of Psychiatry’ at the University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht; the fourth one in ‘Religion and Mental Health, in particular the Societal Aspects’ also at Tilburg University, and the fifth one in ‘Religion and Mental Health, in particular spirituality, mysticism and psychoanalysis’ at KU Leuven (Belgium).

In addition, KSGV organizes each year a well-attended and lively study conference.

KSGV has more than 1.000 members and benefactors (2017 statistics), from mental and physical health care, spiritual and pastoral care, the churches, social services, nursing and other caring  professions and (social-cultural) education. This diversity of professional backgrounds adds to the attractiveness of the organization.

Members, i.e. those who pay the annual fee of at least € 44,50 receive the new publications, twice a year, free of charge. They can also attend the study conferences at a greatly reduced rate. Furthermore, members get attractive discounts on several of the other books, published by KSGV’s own publishing company.
On becoming a member, one will receive three books from our list of publications, of one’s own choice, free of charge.
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The Netherlands

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E-mail address: ksgv@ksgv.nl

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